12’x20′ Portable Greenhouse

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12’x20′ Portable Greenhouse

$10,698 $451/mo: 3yr. $406/mo: 4yr. $361/mo. 5yr. Ready to place and allow those plants to grow! 12’x20′ with electric exhaust fan, shelves and pvc pot-hangar. Shown with Charcoal sides. Perfect for starts, over-wintering, growing plants needing a special environment and more! Electric exhaust fan is programmed via thermostat. Many colors to choose from! Built with pride by our Amish builders at D&M. Sizes available up to 16’x50′.

Other greenhouse example sizes and prices: All with non-electric vent, shelves and pvc pot hangar. Upgradable to elecric exhaust vent, electric and more!: -8’x16′: $5,130 -10’x20′: $7,774 -10’x30′: $11,631 -12’x20′: $9,231 -16’x30′: $18,168. -Sizes available in-between and up to 16’x50′.

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